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Grade: 12th pass
        A roan bull is bred to three cows. Cow A has the same genotype as the roan bull. cow B is red and cow C is white, what proportions of roan cows are expected in the offsprings of each group of cows?
3 years ago

Answers : (2)

Dr.Adam Shaik
askIITians Faculty
387 Points
							Hi Nikhila
This question is related to genetics and alleles.

In the given question consider roan as one gene and other colours as one gene.
Then in CowA -same genotype=100% characters
In Cow-B=Red colour+ roan colour, so 50% colour is roan and dominant colour will appear.
In Cow-C=White colour+ roan colour,so 50% colour is roan and dominant coour will appear
use checker board to solve if you know the Dominant gene among the colours.
3 years ago
Aabid Hussain
askIITians Faculty
571 Points
							Hi Nikhila,

Thank you for asking

Colour inheritancein cows and bulls is an example of codominance.
And the genotypes of different colours of cows are as follows:

White colour: WW
Red colour: RR
Roan colour: WR
so, the Roan bull has the genotype WR and the three cows have WW, RR, WR.

Now draw the Punnet square
521-1207_punnet square.JPG
3 years ago
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