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Grade: 8
Q1. In Young’s double slit expirement, the two slits are 0.5mm apart the screen is placed 1m away from the slits. the distance of 11th fringe from the first fringe is 1.0cm. Calculate the Wave length of light used. 
Q2. If the two point like coherent sources are placed infinitely close to each other, what happens to the interference pattern? 
Q3. If the Two slits Young’s double-slit experiment have with ratio 2:1, deduce the ratio of intensity at maxma and minima in the interference pattern. 
Q4. In young’s double slit expirement, light has a frequency of 6x1014 S-1. The distance between the centres of adjacent bright fringes is 0.75mm. If the screen is 1.5m away, what is the distance between the slits?
Q5. Why is interfernce pattern not detected, when the two coherent soureces are far apart?
Q6. Find the ratio of intensities at the two point P and Q on a screen in Young’s double slit expirement, where waves from the two sources S1 and S2 have path difference of
(i) 0 and (ii) ^/4 (wave length divided by 4)
one year ago

Answers : (1)

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Dear student
We know
Beta = lambda D/4
If d is very small, then beta is very large
Hence interference pattern is not detected.
one year ago
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