sir .please suggest the proof of laws of reflection. uuuuuuuuu

sir .please suggest the proof of laws of reflection.Yelluuuuuuuuu


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Dear student,

Experimental Proof of Optics Law of Reflection

optics law of reflection

The optics law of reflection can be proved by a simple experiment.  As shown in the above diagram, place a mirror on a white card board at right angle to the plane of the card board. It is essential that the plane of the board must be horizontal. 

Select a convenient point O on the line of the mirror and draw a normal On to the line of mirror at O.  Draw a line OA at any convenient angle i to the the normal. Take a few thin nails sharp enough to pierce the card board. Fix two nails on the line OA as shown.

Coming to the other side of the normal, view the images of the nails that are already fixed. Now take two more nails and fix them in such a way that these two nails and the two images of the nails earlier fixed are in a straight line.

Now draw a line passing through the points on which the last two nails were fixed. You will find the line will intersect at O and measure its angle with On. You will find that to be exactly equal to measure of angle i.

This proves the optics law of reflection.  

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