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How do we know that alternate compressions and rarefactions are formed in air when a sound propagates in air which is just a similar case of formation of compressions and rarefactions in a slinky when a longitudinal wave propagates through the slinky? Is there any experiment to prove the truth of formation of compressions and rarefactions when a sound propagates in air?   


9 years ago

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Dear student,

ompression is a higher than normal air-pressure, rarefaction is lower than normal air-pressure.

together these two elements make up a sound wave, which is what we hear when something is hit or played.

if you look at any normal visual representation of a soundwave, the humps above the middle line are called compression, the humps below, rarefaction.


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

9 years ago
vipul agrawal
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Dear sir

Good noon,

My question actually was how will we prove experimemtally THAT ALTERNATE COMPRESSIONS AND RAREFACTIONS are formed in any material say air when a sound wave travells through the material just like we see in a slinky when we make to vibrate the slinky in a horizonal surface. I hope  you will be kind enough to suggest me any experiment. Thanks a lot.

9 years ago
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