Can you ever have a situation in which a light ray goes undeviated through a prism ?

Can you ever have a situation in which a light ray goes undeviated through a prism ?


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vikas askiitian expert
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13 years ago

in case of right angled isoceles prism if  a light is incident at the face AB ( prism is right angled at c) then it comes out parallel to the incident ray.....

AKASH GOYAL AskiitiansExpert-IITD
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13 years ago

Dear Nikhil

there are two cases

  1. refractive index for the prism and external medium is same
  2. deviation= 2 x incidence angle - prism angle,  for deviation to be zero incidence angle = prism angle/2

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Pulkit Singhania
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6 years ago
But Deviation = 2i - angle of prism is only valid for some prisms.As when I = e angle of incidence = angle of emergence then deviation = (I+e)-angle of prism so deviation = 2i - angle of prism.Maybe when I = angle of prism/2 then I = e does not holds
Sakshi Rathore
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6 years ago
The only way Ray can pass through it undeviated if angle of incidence is zero i.e. incident Ray is perpendicular to the surface but In a prism the light Ray has to pass through two interface at an angle with each other.It can`t be perpendicular to both

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