Please. exp. how to add vectors?

Please. exp. how to add vectors?


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Vijay Mukati
askIITians Faculty 2590 Points
8 years ago
For adding two vectors, the i-components of the two vectors are added. similary for j, k, etc.
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8 years ago
Vectors are physical quantities that consist of a magnitude as well as a direction (for example velocity, acceleration, and displacement), as opposed to scalars, which consist of magnitude only . vectors are slightly more complicated to add or subtrac
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8 years ago
addition of vectors can be done by using triangle law, parallelogram law or polygon law.
hence, refer to the study material on this site for the same. if you have any other doubt, kindly put forward so that a proper help can be provided.
good luck
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8 years ago
a varity of mathamatical operation can be performed with an upon vector.

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