maximum and minimum values ofsin 4 theta+cos 4 theta are:

maximum and minimum values ofsin4theta+cos4theta are:

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Shailendra Kumar Sharma
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5 years ago
maximum and minimum values of this sin4theta+cos4theta is be found.
f(theta) = sin4theta+cos4theta+
= sin4theta+cos4theta+2sin2thetacos2theta -2sin2thetacos2theta
=(sin2theta+cos2theta)- 2sin2thetacos2theta
Now the maximum value of (sin2A)^2 will be 1  ad mimimum value will be 
thus maximum value of this function f(theta) will be 1 and mimimum wil be 1/2
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2 years ago
The  minimum and maximum values of of sin 4 theta +cos 4 theta is is 1 ,1/2........
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