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Grade: 12
(1+i)^5+(1-i)^5 what is the value of this question if i =^-1
one year ago

Answers : (4)

22364 Points
Dear Nasir
You can use binomial theorem
even terms will cancel out
besides there are many ways in whoch it can be solved easily but at this moment no other metod is reminding to me
Arun (askIITians forum expert)
one year ago
Yuvraj singh
11 Points
You can use exponential form of complex numbers to solve it.They are conjugates.Thus the calculation reduces.
one year ago
Aditya Gupta
1655 Points
using binomial theorem we can expand it to obtain the final answer as 
 – 8
note that
i^2= – 1
i^3= – i
i^4= 1
i^5 = i
and so on
11 months ago
Subham Patel
29 Points
							Dear student,(1+i)^5 + (1-i)^5(1+I)(1+I)^4 + ( 1-i)(1-i)^4(1+i)(1+i^2 +2i)^2 + (1-i)(1+i^2 -2i)^2(1+i)(2i)^2 + (1-i)(-2i)^24i^2(1+i) + 4i^2(1-i)Now we know i^2=-1-4(1+i) - 4(1-i)-4-4i-4+4i-4-4= -8 is the answer ..I hope it will help u .you can easily solve this question by property of complex number . .Regards...Subham
4 months ago
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