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Which is the best college for chemical engineering in India What is the scope in India

Which is the best college for chemical engineering in India What is the scope in India

Grade:12th pass

2 Answers

askIITians Faculty 78 Points
5 years ago
The top four IITs are the best colleges in india for chemical engineering.They are IIT-Bombay , Delhi , Kanpur and Kharagpur. IIT-Madras is also a good one.

Chemical engineering if pursued sincerely is highly profitable and the scope in India is huge. But first you should know whatchemical engineeringis because students have a misconception about it.A common fear that the work conditions of chemical engineers are hazardous is a fluke. Chemical engineers work in safe environment and direct contact with chemicals is minimum. Chemical engineers in India recruited in many sectors. Some being : petroleum and petrochemicals, paper, fertilizers, rubber, pharmaceuticals, organic and inorganic industries etc. Petroleum and the pharmaceutical sectors are booming and quite in demand.
Natasha Roy
72 Points
5 years ago
Hello Swapnil, top institutes are IITs, NITs, BITS Pilani, Jadhavpur University, MNIT Allahabad, UPES Dehradun & Thapar university. Among these IITS are the top ones to pursue this course. Admission notice is already out by most of these institutes so check out their websites and gather infomation for admission process. 

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