which college better dtu or iiit delhi!!!!

which college better dtu or iiit delhi!!!!


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Rinkoo Gupta
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10 years ago
NSIT and DTU have pretty good placements especially for the Computer Science students.These colleges are more than 15 years old and have built a strong alumni network in a very short time period which ultimately helps in bringing the companies to these institutes for placements.They have a very strong intra-college network dedicated to placements(via Facebook forums, their sites etc) that passes on the useful information/advise regarding how to prepare for placements etc from one batch to another(which actually helps a lot).

IIIT-Delhi is relatively a new college (started in 2008). Its first placement season started in 2011 for the batch passing out in 2012. Its third placement season is going to start in August. However even in such a short span, it has attracted pretty good companies due to its strong reputation(due to faculty and research).
Students have been placed in Microsoft, IBM, Adobe, EMC etc. The college is yet to make a strong alumni network. Besides that there is no proper forum for students to discuss about the placements yet(which matters a lot). However I believe after 2-3 years these things would improve and placements would be at par with NSIT/DTU and BITS-Pilani.

Research Oppurtunites:
I think here IIIT-Delhi is way ahead of NSIT and DTU. IIIT-Delhi is aresearch driven instituteand here faculties have done their PhDs from top-class universities like CMU, UCLA, NTU, IISc, IITs,etc.
Many UnderGrads had their research papers published at international conferences. Some really students from NSIT/DTU worked with faculty on some key projects even during the semester.

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Rinkoo Gupta
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