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Is ISM DHANBAD good for chemical engineering in B tech course?

Is ISM DHANBAD good for chemical engineering in B tech course?

Grade:12th pass

1 Answers

Aneesh Sehgal
955 Points
5 years ago
Dear Friend, considering your position and your inclination towards placements, I don't think either of the two would be the right choice., i.e. Chemical engineering and the institution. Chemical engineering isn't exactly chemistry. Moreover, there is not much scope of it here in India, and the placements reflect that.
But if you have already had a look at the course structure and decided to pursue it, then it is perfectly fine, otherwise you could have chosen any other branch at some of the elite class institutions like – Quantum School of Technology, Roorkee,.................Lovely Professional University, Phagwara,........................BITS, Pilani etc. ,
Whatever you choose, make sure it's your decision and you can justify your choice to yourself with proper reasons. Talk to everybody you can and put more emphasis on the reasons they give you for the various choices rather than the choices themselves.

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