Can I join SRM University Aerospace Enggneering course?? Is is good?

Can I join SRM University Aerospace Enggneering course?? Is is good?


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askIITians Faculty 747 Points
7 years ago
It's located in suburbs of Chennai, a metropolitan city, which is advantageous when compared to many other universities in India. The campus is huge, but still no way comparable to IIT-Madras, which is like a jungle (literally) in the middle of the city. SRM is well connected by local trains to most parts of the city. It is very near to Vandalur zoo and it has got a three star hotel inside the campus for Hotel Management students.
And there's SRM Hospital, for medical college students, which treats students from hostels for free.

YES , it is good ,Aerospace engineering, as popularly quoted, is mechanical engineering done better. Here, engineering design and analysis are more precise using advanced materials. Manufacturing is always through the most advanced technologies that invariably focus on closer tolerances. With the explosive growth in civil aviation, satellite communications and space exploration, the demand for aerospace engineers is simply incalculable.
Ayushmaan Vardhan
804 Points
7 years ago
Yes, Its quite good, but it all depends on the cutoff list and other requisite formalities of the institution, you better visit their official website and get to know what formalities they are looking for...if you get it there then well and good otherwise you acn try some other related or new branches of engg at other esteemed colleges as well, i suggest the below given ones:
Shivaji Uni, Kolhapur
Lovely Professional Uni, Phagwara
PES uni, Bangalore
College of engg, Trivandrum

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