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Prerana Das Grade: Upto college level

I am currently studying in M.S.Ramaiah Institute of Technology Bangalore,!st yr B.E> in Civil...It is one of the top 5 colleges In Bangalore. In AIEEE counselling i'm likely to get a seat in IIIT D & M Kanchipuam,with Electronics -Design and Manufacture or Mechanical, or Computer Science Engineering..I wanted to know whether it is advisable to join iiit (as it is a new college) or continue with civil engg. in B'lore.I also have chances in getting Metallurgical Engg &Material Science Engg. in NIT Tiruchirapalli..Which should i prefer then iiit Kanchipuram or NIT Trichy?Should i give preference to the branch or college? And ultimately after four years of B.E the marks in the exams is important or the institute?Because I think it is easier to score in Bangalore rather than the NITs or IIIT's...In Biodata which will be more important the COllege or the marks i have obtained i the B>E> course?Please answer as fast as possible ...

Awaiting a speedy reply..


8 years ago

Answers : (1) chandra sekhar
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Hi Prerana,

It is better to take the branch which you like.... because the career will be bright if you score well in any branch.... the marks are too important for the further studies and employment(esp. govt. sector).. the fame of the college matters a little bit.

8 years ago
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