should i leave bits hyderabad ece for it ?

should i leave bits hyderabad ece for it ?


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Askiitians_Expert Yagyadutt
askIITians Faculty 74 Points
10 years ago

Hello pallav ...!



DTU mechanical is an excellant branch ..! Almost every mechanical company visit the campus for placement...It's the only college where all the mechanical guys placed in mechanical company...


In other what happens..some are placed in software some in IT ..just because the less interfarance of mechanical company..


You can leave BITs hyderabad...No doubt .!


And remember ECE is a tough branch and an excellant branch comparable to prefer it in that colleges who provide good facilities and placement for this branch ..!





Varun Kumar
19 Points
10 years ago

Dear Pallav DTU Mechanical is ranked No. 1 in India and no. 3 in all over Asia

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