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sir i want ot know how to prepare for BITSAT.plz give me last minute tips

sir i want ot know how to prepare for BITSAT.plz give me last minute tips


1 Answers

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10 years ago

BITSAT is one of the most competitive exams in India will be getting started shortly. I think the aspirants would have already booked their slots to appear for the exam you may be appearing the exam in the first week or last week here are some Last Minute Tips for the BITSAT Aspirants.

Last Minute Tips for the BITSAT Aspirants to be followed to score good marks :
1) Just have a view at the basic formulas and basic Concepts especially Chemistry
2) Spend more time recalling the subjects that u have studied before in your brain
3) Do not study any new topic in the last 2 days before you appear the exam.
4) Attempt as many as the BITSAT SAMPLE PAPERS at least one exam daily. 
5) Do not worry about the questions from the different topics which you haven’t studied and they are memory based questions. 6) If they are memory based questions, Just by heart them.
7) Time is a Major factor in BITSAT. Remember that no Question should be allotted more than 1 minute as per the question rule.
8) Better not to take a paper based test, As you cannot know when an easy question will pop up on your screen. So it is essential that you at least look at all the 150 questions.
9) Carry any other extra identification proof like ration card, Driving license etc,. to the examination hall and do not forget your hall ticket
10) You are given a mini booklet for rough work. It is merely impossible to do the complete rough work on it. So prefer a pencil for rough work
11) Be relaxed when you enter the examination hall and be in time and reach the examination hall at least one hour before the exam starts.

All the best to for the BITSAT 2011



plzzzz approve d answer

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