Which to opt? IIT Hyderabad mechanical or NIT Surathkal Electronics & communication engineering .

Which to opt? IIT Hyderabad mechanical or NIT  Surathkal  Electronics & communication engineering .


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askiitian expert akshay singh
8 Points
15 years ago

hi nagraj,

   well iit hyderabad is not that established as the previous one's,but still the best amongst the new iit's and is developing at a very rapid rate,but still i 'll suggest you to opt for nit surathkal ec because the college is very renowned and ec is much better branch with respect to pay packages.It will take few years for iit hyd to come at par with the other iits but till then u had completed ur so seeing the present scenario .....choose nit surathkal

shalaj gupta
16 Points
14 years ago

for me u must go for iit hyd .....see view says mech. is better than ec..n ofcourse it is iit , u can trust

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