Which has better placements- Petroleum,cse in ism dhanbad OR Civil in bits pilani OR Cse,ece in nit warrangal ??

Which has better placements-Petroleum,cse in ism dhanbad OR Civil in bits pilani  OR Cse,ece in nit warrangal ??


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Kishan IIT Kharagpur
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12 years ago

Dear Akshay

CSE in NIT Warangal will have better placements than CSE in ISM Dhanbad.

Petroleum placements in ISM Dhandbad have very good petroleum companies coming, but the kind of placements will not be similar to those of the CSE departments. It will be in the oil and gas sector and will be very high paying.

BITS pilani Civil should have a decent placements, however not comparable to the other options you have stated.


Kishan S Srinivas

Askiitians Expert

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