why adsorption is always exothermic in nature?

why adsorption is always exothermic in nature?


2 Answers

Sunil Kumar FP
askIITians Faculty 183 Points
9 years ago
Adsorption is asurface phenomena wher th constituent particle are attache at the surface of another medium for the reaction to occur.adsorption is exothermic because during this process the residual forces on the surface of the adsorbent decreases which decreases the surface energy and this appears in the form of heat called heat of adsorption and therefore it is exothermic in nature
Anas Lhan
21 Points
6 years ago
As adsorption takes place at a surface the adsorbate starts attracting towards adsorbent due to surface energy of adsorbent decrease which can be observed as heat on the surface thats why it is exothermic

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