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Grade: 12
Which of the following will have highest freezing point
1) 1M urea
2) 1M Na2SO4
3) 1M NaCl
4) 1M Al2(SO4)3
2 years ago

Answers : (4)

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As molality is same for all ; Freezing point depends only on Molality of solute and Vant hoff factor ( if solution is same ).

So in this case molality is same therefor vant hoff factor is deciding factor

Vant hoff factor for -

Nacl - 2

Urea -1

Na2SO4 -3

Al2(SO4)3 – 5


Hence  option  4 will be the correct naswer.

2 years ago
Sonam kumari
15 Points
Since question ask highest freezing point but vant hoff is greater then low freezing point so less the vant hoff factor hughest will be freezing point so correct option is 1
one year ago
preet kaur
13 Points
the correct option would be urea as it has the least vont hoff factor =1
nacl has i=2
na2so4 has i=3
al2(so4)3 has i=5
as we know that i is inversely proportional to freezing point and vapour preesure so correct ans is urea
one year ago
Santosh Kumar
15 Points
As urea is non electrolyte hence it will not dissociate in the solution so colligative property remain same but other three will dissociate in the solution so number of particle increase hence colligative properties also increases as freezing pint is depend on colligative properties so it will decreases hence in comparison the urea has highest boiling point other has low boiling point compare to it
one year ago
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