Two elements A and B combine to form compound X and Y . For the fix mass of A , masses of B combined for the compounds A and B combined for the compounds A and B are in 3 : 7 ratio. If in compound X , 4 g of A combines with 1 2 g , B then in compounds Y , 8 g of A will combine with ...... g of B .

Two elements A and B combine to form compound X and Y. For the fix mass of A, masses of B combined for the compounds A and B combined for the compounds A and B are in 3:7 ratio. If in compound X,4 g of A combines with 12 g,B then in compounds Y,8 g of A will combine with ......g of B.


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Priya darshini
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one year ago

Mass of A is fixed
Mass =12 gm
g=312=4 gm
4 gm A combines with 4 gm B
48 m:7×4
49 m:23 gm B
 For 8 gmA28×2
56 gm B
 For 8 gm of A will combine with 56 gm of B
Answer is  (56)

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