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Grade: 11
Hello sir/madam
Kindly look into the folowing conceptual doubt hat I have-
Okay so in a container HI is present ( a moles) and the degree of dissociation is x
So, at equilibrium the reaction will be-
In the socond case why don’t we divide the number of moles of Cl2 left by 2 as we did in the first case for H2 and I2? Please revert I will be very thankful!
NOW, my doubt is that-
a(1-x) ax ax
PCl3 + Cl2PCl5
In a container a moles of PCl5 is present and it dissociates with a degree od dissociation x , hence the reaction at equilibrium will be as follows-
Now let’s look at the second case-
a(1-x)     ax/2      ax/2
H2  + I2
3 years ago

Answers : (1)

Vikas TU
11770 Points
							Already answered your qstn.
as u have asked twice.
Plz check your previous qstn .
The answer would be:
See first U would need to check the coefficients of the fully Balanced reaction.
In case of HI the balanced eqn. is
2HI ↔ H2 + I2
 a(1-x)  ax/2  ax/2
and that is so the conctrations are well divie accordint to the mole concept one.
For  a(1-x) moles the conc. for H2 and I2 would obvious get divided by 2 as coeff. of HI is 2 from simple unitary method.
Now in case of PCl5 the reaction is:
                       PCl5      ----------->              PCl3          +              Cl2
at t=t              a(1-x)                                    ax                           ax
as coeff. of PCl5 is 1 from mole concept -1 or from unitary method,
conc. of PCl5 and Cl2 would be 1 too.
3 years ago
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