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Explain the following:- (a) Ozone is used in swimming pools. (b) Ozone destroys Hg- meniscus

Explain the following:-
(a) Ozone is used in swimming pools.
(b) Ozone destroys Hg- meniscus


1 Answers

Raheema Javed
156 Points
7 years ago
(a) Ozone is used in swimming pool
Because of its strong oxidation and disinfection mechanism, ozone is very suitable for swimming pool water treatment. Safety measures cause ozone to only be permitted for use as a supplementary measure.
By treating water with ozone, the biodegradation rate of natural organic matter (NOM) is increased. This means, that large molecules are diminished to smaller molecules, which can be decomposed by a filter more easily. The organic matter will cause an increase in bacterial growth in the system, because it is a bacterial nutrient. Regrowth of bacteria in a distribution system is an unwanted effect. This can be turned into a positive effect by injecting ozone on a sand filter. Research has shown that preozonization can increase filter efficiency. Ozone increases biodegradability of materials and microbial growth, but it also increases the oxygen concentration in the filter. Total Organic Carbon (TOC) removal can be increased to 35% in a sand filter when ozone is added

(b) Ozone destroys Hg meniscus
Ozone is a strong oxidising agent. Ozone oxidises mercucy to mercury suboxide which starts sticking to the glass and loses its mobility. hence, Hg loses its meniscus in contact with ozone. However it can be regained by the action of H2O2.

2Hg + O3 -------------- Hg2O + O2

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