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Can two precipitates form in a precipitation reaction that starts with only two compounds in water?

Can two precipitates form in a precipitation reaction that starts with only two compounds in water?


2 Answers

Suraj Prasad IIT Patna
askIITians Faculty 286 Points
6 years ago
When two aqueous solutions react, they sometimes form solids in the solution. The solid is called a precipitate. Precipitation reactions occur when the cations of one reactant and the anions of a second reactant found in aqueous solutions combine to form an insoluble ionic solid, that we call a precipitate.

Most precipitates are formed in a double-replacement reaction. A double-replacement reaction is when the ions in two compounds exchange places with each other in an aqueous solution. AX + BY --> AY + BX, where A, B, X and Y are all ions.

An ionic solution is when the ions of a compound have dissociated in an aqueous solution. A reaction happens when you mix two aqueous solutions. This is when you find out if a precipitate will form or not. A precipitate forms if the product of the reaction of the ions is insoluble in water.
19 Points
3 years ago
Yup! but the combining compounds must be soluble in water in order to form precipitates.Precipitation reaction is only favoured when a soluble compound reacts with another soluble compound to give an insoluble precipitate. An insoluble to insoluble reaction does not proceeds.Eg:- pb(no3)2 + 2nacl = pbcl2↓ + 2nano3 Is a precipitation reaction. pbso4 + nacl = pbcl2 + na2so4 :- is an impractically method.

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