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what was the fault or deffect in rutherfords atomic model

what was the fault or deffect in rutherfords atomic model


2 Answers

dhanesh singh
39 Points
7 years ago

could not explain motion of electrons


Karan Tewani
31 Points
7 years ago

Rutherford ''s atomic model suggested that electrons, in an atom, revolve around the nucleus. According to quantum theory, if a charged paricle revolves then it must continously radiate out energy. Hence, electron being a negatively charged particle, must radiate energy continously. As a result, its energy must go on decreasing and it must follow a spiral path and finally fall in the nucleus. The predicted time that a electron must take befoore falling in the nucleus, according to the above postulate, is equal to 10^-8. Hence, an atom must be very unstable, but practically, it is not so.

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