difference between Arrhenius and collision theory

difference between Arrhenius and collision theory


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Sunil Kumar FP
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9 years ago
collision theory
A chemical reaction takes place due to collision among reactant molecules.
The number of collisions taking place per second per unit volume of the reaction mixture is known as collision frequency (Z).
The value of collision frequency is very high, of the order of 1025to 1028in case of binary collisions.
Every collision does not bring a chemical change.
The collisions that actually produce the products are effective collisions.
The effective collisions which bring chemical change are few in comparison to the form a product are ineffective elastic collisions, i.e., molecules just collide and
disperse in different directions with different velocities.
ARRHENIUS equation is given by
where A is the preexponential factor,Ea is the activation energy and T is the temperature.

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