what is the difference between a spherical node and a non-spherical node????????

what is the difference between a spherical node and a non-spherical node????????


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Chetan Mandayam Nayakar
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10 years ago

Dear Ashish

When an entire spherical surface is a node, it is called a spherical node. In the case of a non-spherical node, the nodal region does not have a spherical shape.

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himanshu panwar
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10 years ago

Radial nodes are nodes which are areas of zero probability of finding an electron and radiate like circles away from the nucleus. It's hard to see the radial nodes of the 2s and 3s orbitals unless you dissect the orbital itself to see the nodes on the inside of the surface diagram.

Angular nodes can be visualized on boundary surface diagrams as planar nodes that separate the different signs of the orbital. For example, for the 2p orbital, there is one planar node that separates the two lobes of the p orbital. Therefore, the 2p orbital would have 1 planar node. The 3d orbital would have two planar nodes that separate the four lobes of that orbital.

For the 3p orbital, it would have 2 nodes (number of nodes = n - 1). One would be the angular node (the plane separating the two lobes of the p orbital and one radial node. The radial node is hard to see, but if you look on the boundary surface diagrams on the website below, you can see the circular radial node on the 3p orbital that is centered around where the nucleus of the atom would be located. It's the separation between the longer lobes on the inside with the small probability density toward the center of the orbital.

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