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what is the difference between state variables and state functions??

what is the difference between state variables and state functions??


1 Answers

Gurwinder Kaur
65 Points
10 years ago

State variables

Block diagram representation of the state space equations

The internal state variables are the smallest possible subset of system variables that can represent the entire state of the system at any given time. The minimum number of state variables required to represent a given system, n, is usually equal to the order of the system's defining differential equation. If the system is represented in transfer function form, the minimum number of state variables is equal to the order of the transfer function's denominator after it has been reduced to a proper fraction. It is important to understand that converting a state space realization to a transfer function form may lose some internal information about the system, and may provide a description of a system which is stable, when the state-space realization is unstable at certain points. In electric circuits, the number of state variables is often, though not always, the same as the number of energy storage elements in the circuit such as capacitors and inductors.

State functions

State functions, also called thermodynamic variables, state quantities, or a functions of state describe the momentary condition of a thermodynamic system. Regardless of the path by which a system goes from one state to another — i.e., the sequence of intermediate states — the total change in any state variable will be the same. This means that the incremental changes in such variables are exact differentials.

Examples include entropy, pressure, temperature, volume, etc.

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