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Grade: 12
        How to find the number of lone pairs and bon d pairs in the central atom of NH3 molecule???

I will approve the ans for sure..aieee-givin me the creeps pls reply soon
8 years ago

Answers : (2)

vikas askiitian expert
509 Points

number of valence electrons are 5 ...

3 electrons take part in bonding so 2 are remaining ..

lone paires  = 1

bond paires = 3 (total number of bonds)

8 years ago
Sudheesh Singanamalla
114 Points

1. First know the electronic configuration of N and H

2. We know Nitrogen has 5 valance electrons and H has 1 valance electron.

in NH3 , 3 of the 5 valance electrons on N are taken by 'H' , so it has 2 electrons left.

3. These 2 electrons will prevent it from acquiring a trigonal planar shape as they will repel the bonding.

we know this because , according to VSEPR theory , the bonds should be in such a position such that the repulsions between them is very less.

so NH3 gets a tetrahedral shape, with a lone pair of electrons.

so the final sctructure will look like ..


Please approve !

8 years ago
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