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Q1 .half life of radio active series depends on temperature or not?

Q2.arrhenius equation can b applied to all orders or not?

can it be applie d to zero order reactions?

can it be applied for radioactiv reactions?

and finally how to tell which group an element of lanthanoids belongs example Gd belongs to which groups???

9 years ago

Answers : (2)

snehashish bal
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2. we cant apply da arrhenius euqatuion 4 all order....we can only use it 4 1st order reaction and in radio activity it can b used as radioactive reactions r 1st order reactions...

9 years ago
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Dear student,

The radioactive half life  for a given radioisotope is a measure of the tendency of the nucleus to "decay" or "disintegrate" and as such is based purely upon that probability. The tiny nulcear size compared to the atom and the enormity of the forces which act within it make it almost totally impervious to the outside world. The half-life is independent of the physical state (solid, liquid, gas), temperature, pressure, the chemical compound in which the nucleus finds itself, and essentially any other outside influence. It is independent of the chemistry of the atomic surface, and independent of the ordinary physical factors of the outside world. The only thing which can alter the half-life is direct nuclear interaction with a particle from outside, e.g., a high energy collision in an accelerator.


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Askiitians Expert

Sagar Singh

B.Tech, IIT Delhi

9 years ago
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