what are the transference number values of oxide, chloride, calcium ions in molten cacl2

what are the transference number values of oxide, chloride, calcium ions in molten cacl2


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Transference number values/transport number: The fraction of the total current carried in a solution by a given ion. Ions may carry drastically different portions of the total current if their mobilities are different. E.g., in a solution of sodium chloride, less than half of the current is carried by the positively charged sodium cations and more than half is carried by the negatively charged chloride anions because the chloride ions are able to move faster (they have a larger ionic mobility). The transport numbers of the anion and the cation adds up to unity. As a matter of fact, the case when the ions move equally and the transport number of both ions is equal to 0.5 is a rarity. The Hittorf method is an experimental technique for the determination of the transport numbers. Also called "transference number." For the simplest case of a solution of a single salt of univalent ions, the transport numbers are defined as the mobility of the ion divided by the sum of mobilities of the two ions. If there are more than one solutes present (e.g., an acidified sodium chloride solution or a mixture of sodium chloride and potassium bromide), every ion will have its own transport number with the sum of them being unity. In these cases, the concentrations of the ions must also be taken into account in the calculation of the transport numbers, and in the case of polyvalent ions, the charges of the ions must also be accounted for.


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