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Grade: 12


how to find the n-factor of a compund??? pls xplain clearly..

9 years ago

Answers : (2)

Sudheesh Singanamalla
114 Points

n-factor is defined as the total change in oxidation number per mole of the substance .

take an example :

 CuCN -----------> Cu+2  +  CO2  +  HNO3

          (A) 11

          (B) 7

          (C) 9

          (D) 3

Here , Cu+ is converted to Cu2+ .

There is no change in oxidation number for C ( it remains as +4 )

N is converted from -5 to +5 state .

So the net change in oxidation number , n-factor = (2-1) + [5-(-5)]  

                                                                       =11 .

So Answer is (A.)


so now try solving this question.

calculate n factor of HCuCl2 in
2HCuCl2 → Cu + Cu2+ + 4Cl-+ 2H+


Hope that helps , Please approve

9 years ago
Aiswarya Ram Gupta
35 Points

thnx alot........

9 years ago
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