why should two electrons in an orbital cannot have same spin?

why should two electrons in an orbital cannot have same spin?


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The magnetic moment of electrons is due to a property called "spin"; the spin value of an electron is 1/2, so it can adopt one of two spin quantum states, +1/2 and -1/2, which correspond to the "up" and "down" orientations of the magnetic moment. Since it has a half-integer spin, an electron is a member of a class of sub-atomic particles called "fermions" which obey rules called the Pauli Exclusion Principle and Fermi-Dirac statistics - one key result of these rules is that no two identical fermions can simultaneously occupy the same quantum state: you cannot have two electrons in the same orbital if they have the same spin orientation, so if one is +1/2, the other must be -1/2, and no more can be added because a third would have to adopt the same quantum state as the one of the first two.


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