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Nitin Gupta Grade: 11

How can we determine whether a compound has co-ordinate bond or not?

I mean to ask --  We can make the structure of nitric acid (and many others) without co-ordinate bond but that will be wrong.Why?

Please Please Please Answer.

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7 years ago

Answers : (1)

askIITians Faculty
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										Coordinate bond is a type of covalent bond where shared pair of electrons are donated by only one group but shared by both.

The atom which gives electron pair is called the donor or Lewis base and the atom which accepts or shares called the acceptor or Lewis acid.

This bond is denoted by –> (arrow) pointing from donor to acceptor atom.

Let us consider an example of coordinate bond formation between NH3 and BF3.

In BF3, boron requires two electrons to form its octet configuration. Hence it shares lone pairs of nitrogen in NH3 forming dative bond or coordinate bond.255-756_pyspvxne3362858299462608565.png
3 years ago
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