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Q-If each hydrogen atom is excited by giving 8.4 eV of energy then the number of   spectral lines emitted is equal to:
       (A) None (B) Two (C) Three (D) Four

7 years ago

Answers : (3)

Srinivas Rao
11 Points

Isolated hydrogen atom can absorb any of the following quanta of energy, given by the equation

Energy absorbed =13.6 ( 1 - ( 1 / n2 ) e.v. ; where n can take whole number values  from 1 to infinity.

For any value of 'n' it cannot be 8.4 e.v.

So, hydrogen atom out rightly rejects that quantum. No electronic excitation takes place- no emission of radiation and it will not result in any spectral line. So, answer is 'none'

7 years ago
deeksha sharma
40 Points

a) none

as min of 10.2 eV of energy is required to make the electron get excited.

7 years ago
bhavani tejaswi
20 Points
3 years ago
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