what is ionic mobility?on which factors it depends?what is the relationship with transport no.

what is ionic mobility?on which factors it depends?what is the relationship with transport no.


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The ionic mobility (μ) is defined as the velocity attained by an ion moving through a gas under unit electric field.

Ionic mobility or Ionic conductance is the conductivity of a solution containing 1 g ion, at infinite dilution, when two sufficiently large electrodes are placed 1 cm apart.

Ionic mobilities ( λa or λc) ∝ speeds of ions (ua or uc)

Unit of ionic mobility is Ohm–1 cm2 or V–1S-1cm2

Ionic mobility and transport number are related as,

λa or λc = ta or tc × λ ∞

Absolute ionic mobilityis the mobility with which the ion moves under unit potential gradient. It's unit is cm sec–1.

Absolute ionic mobility = Ionic mobility/96,500

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Rahul- IIT Roorkee
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6 years ago
It is defined as the capability of movement possesed by the ions in aqueous medium . It increases down the group ie in order of atomic size
Yash Chourasiya
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3 years ago
Hello Student

The average velocity with which a given ion drifts through a specified gas under the influence of electric field is called ionic mobility.

Factors that affect ionic mobility are: Temperature, Nature of electrolyte and size of ion.

Relation between ionic mobility and transportation number:
λa or λc = ta or tc × λ∞
Where λa or λc are ionic mobilities

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