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Grade: 12
why the trans isomer is more stable and possess greater m.p. than cis isomer???
The cis isomer possess high b.p. ,density ,and refractive index than trans isomer???
one year ago

Answers : (2)

Umakant biswal
5352 Points
dear ankur
Usually for acyclic systems 
trans isomers are more stable than cis isomers. This is typically due to the increased unfavourable steric interaction of the substituents in the cis isomer. Therefore, trans isomers have a less exothermic heat of combustion, indicating higher thermochemical stability.
The poorer packing in the 
cis isomers means that the intermolecular forces aren't as effective as they should be and so less energy is needed to melt the molecule - a lower melting point.
KINDLY ask one question in a thread , it will be easy for us to explain 

one year ago
Suraj Singh
148 Points
							The trans isomer generally have 0 dipole moment due to which trans isomers are closely packed and have high symmetry while ciss isomer has dipole moment due to which it forms wan der waal dipole dipole bond....  SO the melting point of trans isomer is more as it is symmetrical in nature and forms close packing while boiling point of ciss isomer is more as it forms wan der waal bonds due to which high energy is needed to break those bonds therefore it has high BP..... Hope U like it
one year ago
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