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which bonds are in hyper conjugation?

which bonds are in hyper conjugation?


2 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
7 years ago
The electrons in a sigma bond (usually C–H or C–C) with an adjacent empty (or partially filled) non-bonding p-orbital, antibonding p orbital, or filled p orbital, to give an extended molecular orbital that increases the stability of the system are in hyperconjugation.Only electrons in bonds that are ß to the positively charged carbon can stabilize a carbocation by hyperconjugation.

Hyper conjugation is a special type of resonance in which delocalization of electrons takes place through overlap between sigma bond orbital and pi-bond orbital or p- orbitals. For example take propene molecule,where it arises due to partial overlap of sp3-s sigma bond orbital and the empty p-orbital or pi-bond orbital of an adjacent carbon atom. Here one of the carbon-hydrogen bonds of methyl group can lie in the plane of pi-bond orbital, hence partial overlap with pi-bond orbital. This results the delocalization of pi-electrons and increase the stability of molecule.

Thanks & regards

Aarti Gupta

askiitians Faculty

Ruchi Shaw
askIITians Faculty 35 Points
7 years ago
Movement of sigma electrons through an adjacent pi system or a carbocation is called hyperconjugation. It involves sigma electron delocalization.The electrons of the sigma bond between C and H are also involved in delocalization and there is a no bond between C and H due to migration of electrons of the sigma bond.Hence hyper conjugation is also called no bond resonance.

Thanks & Regards
Ruchi Shaw
askIITians faculty

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