what are the basic concepts in nomenclature of organic chemistry?

what are the basic concepts in nomenclature of organic chemistry?


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Aarti Gupta
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8 years ago
Nomenclature means ths system of naming the organic compounds.The revised system of nomenclature which has been accepted all over the world is abbreviated as IUPAC system of nomenclature.
In order to name the organic compounds the rules given by IUPAC should be cleared and remembered properly.Like, name consist of word root and suffix.Word root shows the no. of carbon atoms in the chain,like-
1.Meth- for 1 C-atom
2.Eth- for 2 C-atom
3.Prop- for 3 C-atom etc.
Suffix indicates the presence of saturation and unsaturation in organic compounds,in case of straight chain aliphatic hydrocarbons.For ex-
1.--ane for alkane
2.-ene for alkene
3-yne for alkyne.
Now for branched chain hydrocarbons you should understand the entire rules like
1.Longest chain rule
2.Lowest sum rule
3.Use of prefixes Di,Tri, etc.
4. Albhabetical arrangement of Prefixes and
5.Naming the complex alkyl substituents
If functional group other than the double or triple bond is present,than use secondary suffix after the primary suffix.So remember all the suffixes like -
1.’ol’ for alcohols
2.’one’ for ketones etc.
Thus ,follow all the accepted rules of naming the organic compounds given by IUPAC,step by step and practice the different questions as much as you can.
Remember-naming consist of-
Prefixes---word root-----primary suffix----secondary suffix

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