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how to read organic chemistry and please tell how to remember organic chemistry

how to read organic chemistry and please tell how to remember organic chemistry


1 Answers

Aarti Gupta
askIITians Faculty 300 Points
6 years ago
Organic chemistry involves the study of compounds of carbon,hydrogen,oxygen and other elements like nitrogen.To read it, starts from the begining about the nomenclature, different functional groups,numbering of carbon chain,different kinds of reactions like substitution,addition they would help you long in understanding how the reactions takes place in organic compounds.Inductive effect,electromeric effects and other effects should be read very properly as these are few basics of organic chemistry.You should know very clearly what is nucleophile,electrophile etc.Phenomenon of resonance is an important one.
In order to remember the organic reactions i would suggest you to practicse them regularly just as you did with mathematics.When every time you write them just try to find what is removed or what is added in a particular reaction.Dehydration,halogenation,sulphonation,dehalogenation etc. are some important terms which helps alot in learning the reactions of organic chemistry.So clear your these concepts.Hope all these things will definitely helps you in reading organic chemistry.All the best.

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