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Grade: 12


How to master organic chemistry......................................

3 months ago

Answers : (3)

askIITians Faculty
827 Points
							Dear Student
By solving lot of questions and understanding the concept and mechanism.
3 months ago
Vikas TU
12124 Points
1. Don’t believe the hype
Don’t let yourself get psyched out by the people around you whining about how difficult organic chemistry is.  I let myself get taken in by the horror stories around the first exam and did substantially worse on the first exam than I should have simply because I bought into the idea that it was tough and I was going to fail.  I learned a lot more about myself and self-confidence during the first few weeks than I did about chemistry.  If you’re surrounded by negative and pessimistic people, tell them to piss off – don’t get sucked into their game.  Prepare and study well – play your game, not theirs.
2. Focus on understanding, not memorization
I have no idea where people get the idea that organic chemistry is memorization.  I didn’t make a single notecard for the entire course – I don’t even know what you would even memorize.  Anyone that tells you organic chemistry requires gobs of memorization is seriously misinformed.
3 months ago
Srinivasan S
27 Points
I agree with Vikas TU entirely.
Org Chem can’t be learnt by memorizing.... you will run out of ideas and the topic itslf is so vast that you simply can’t remember everything..period!
That said, yes, you need to remember some basic concepts to understand it better. I list a few which have helped me:
  1. Firstly,, please know that  any Organic compound is electrically neutral in behaviour – and the reactions occur when these compounds are subjected / enforced to an external source (reagent, etc.)  – which changes the electron density/ diploe with it, etc.
  1. Know that any C atom in the organic molecule can have only 4 bonds max. (as single, double  or triple bond and combination put together). Writing the structure with C bonds being more or less, in itself will make you commit mistakes.
  1. Remember concepts of inductive, mesomeric and resonance effects as also hyperconjugation thorouhgly – this gives you reasons why reactions occur at a particular position in molecule – when subject to certain conditions.
If you know a, b, and c, you don’t need to memorize. The reaction would stand out by itself when you give a good look at it. Trust me...!
2 months ago
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