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how to learn organic chemistry easily and remeber for jee exams ?

how to learn organic chemistry easily and remeber for jee  exams ?


1 Answers

Ravleen Kaur
askIITians Faculty 1452 Points
2 years ago
You cant learn organic need to know the concepts and practise as many question you can.

1- frst of all make a list of organic name reaction that are there in you book , u can take the help of sudy material as well
2- for understanding mechanism , do 1 thing , type that reaction in youtube and u will get animation their , frst see that , then go through the ncert, then 3rdthing – check the askiitian study material .
3- after doing all these make a flowchart on your own , , and REMEMBER – that flow chart should contain only imp points , not everything else .
4- when u will have to revise that just look that flow chart .
5- in every wekend that needs to be revised .
6- before doing mechanism make sure u studied redox reaction chapter and nomenclature are clear to you , they are very imp for mechanism .
7- make sure , u can identify the reducing and oxidising agent very clearly , that are vital for any reaction .
8- give more stress to REACTION INTERMEDIATE , they are imp for jee prep .

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