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Grade: 12th pass
How and what to study from Solomons, Fryhle & Snyder(edited by MS Chouhan) for JEE Advanced?

I am a dropper and preparing for JEE Advanced 2019 and Organic is my weakest point.

As of now I've done GOC and Isomerism from OP Tandon(and NCERT), but I am not able to solve advanced level questions, so after a lot of research I've decided to start Solomons and Frhyle(edited by MS Chouhan) and start Organic all over again from this book(from completely basic).

So I want to know, precisely what exact parts/subtopic/topic/chapter should I study from this book?(please tell me this precisely, because I'm a noob at organic)

Here's the index of topics of this exact book drive[dot]google[dot]com/open?id=1bW_dTJofyitMxHo05xSGTUN2TD1akeKh) for reference.

Also, my inorganic base(for eg: Bonding, Periodic properties), isn't strong either, so I want to learn that too(whatever is prerequisite for organic) from complete scratch, from this book.

I am asking this because, as told by many reviewers, this book has a lot of extra things and I don't want to deviate from syllabus.

Thanks a lot in advanced!
one year ago

Answers : (1)

aadil khan
askIITians Faculty
49 Points

Keep the syllabus in front of you and study, reference 1 or 2 standardbooks only, referring many books will waste time and create confusion. Solve as much past paper as possible, you will get to know the question patternn
one year ago
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