expalin me about Benedict’s test andSchiff’s Base test

expalin me about Benedict’s test andSchiff’s Base test


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anil kumar
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8 years ago

The Schiff test is an early organic chemistry name reaction developed by Hugo Schiff,[1] and is a relatively general chemical test for detection of many organic aldehydes that has also found use in the staining of biological tissues.[2] The Schiff reagent is the reaction product of a dye formulation such as fuchsin and sodium bisulfitepararosaniline (which lacks an aromatic methyl group) and new fuchsin (which is uniformly mono-methylated ortho to the dye's amine functionalities) are dye alternatives with comparable detection chemistry.

In its use as a qualitative test for aldehydes, the unknown sample is added to the decolorized Schiff reagent; when aldehyde is present a characteristic magenta color develops. Schiff-type reagents are used for various biological tissue staining methods, e.g. Feulgen stain andperiodic acid-Schiff stain. Human skin also contains aldehyde functional groups in the termini of saccharides and so is stained as well.

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Dear Kalyan,
                     Benedict’s  Test for non-reducing Sugars is a test which determines the presence of non-reducing sugars in a test solution.
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hai kalyan,
             benedicts test is used for decting glucose in urine in which urine is heated with a blue solution containing sodium carbonate,sodium citrate................
     schiff test is used for detection of many organic aldehydes that has also found use in staining of biological tissues.

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