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Grade: 10
Examples of anions and cations and how to identify them
3 months ago

Answers : (3)

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The electronic configuration of many ions is that of the closest noble gas to them in the periodic table.
An anion is an ion that has gained one or more electrons, acquiring a negative charge.
A cation is an ion that has lost one or more electrons, gaining a positive charge
3 months ago
Saurabh Koranglekar
askIITians Faculty
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3 months ago
Vikas TU
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Dear student 
Here are several examples of anions:
Bromide - Br -
Chloride - Cl -
Fluoride - F -
Iodide - I -
Nitride - N 3-
Oxide - O 2-
Sulfide - S 2-
An example of a cation would be the sodium cation when it dissociates from chlorine anion. The sodium has its electron taken from it by chlorine, becoming positive. An easy way to remember that cations are the ions with a positive charge is to remember the phrase "cats are positive
3 months ago
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