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can u explain me the breditt rule i cannot find the logical explanation anywhere

can u explain me the breditt rule
i cannot find the logical explanation anywhere


1 Answers

Akshay Meena
askIITians Faculty 34 Points
7 years ago
Bredt`s rule states that a double bond cannot be placed at the bridgehead of a bridged ring system, unless the rings are large enough (8-Numbered Ring Structure) Explaination : Double bond on bridgehead position would be equivalent to having a trans double bond on a ring, which is not possible for small rings (fewer than eight atoms) due to a combination of ring strain, and angle strain (nonplanar alkene). The p orbitals of the bridgehead atom and adjacent atoms are orthogonal and thus are not aligned properly for the formation of pi bonds. Advantage : Bredt`s rule can be useful for predicting which isomer is obtained from an elimination reaction in a bridged ring system. It can also be applied to reaction mechanisms that go via carbocations and, to a lesser degree, via free radicals, because these intermediates, like carbon atoms involved in a double bond, prefer to have a planar geometry with 120 degree angles and sp2 hybridization. Thanks & Regards Akshay Meena, askIITians Faculty M.Tech, IIT Kharagpur

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