Introduction to Drugs and Chemotherapy

Introduction to Drugs and Chemotherapy


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Introduction to Drugs and Chemotherapy:- The word drug is derived from the French word drogue which means a dry hurb. In a general way, the drug may be defined as substance used in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment or cure of disease in man or other animals. Drugs may be a single chemical substance or combination of two or more different substances. An ideal drug should satisfy the following requirements.

(i)          When administrated to the ailing individual or host, its action should be localized at the site where it is desired to act. In actual practice, there is no drug which behaves in this manner.

(ii)         It should act on a system with efficiency and safety.

(iii)        It should have minimum side effects.

(iv)       It should not injure host tissues or physiological processes.

(v)         The cell should not acquire resistance to the drug after sometime.

Very few drugs satisfy all the above requirements. Each drug has an optimum dose, below which it has no action and above this level it becomes a poison.

The tem chemotherapy, which literally means chemical therapy or chemical treatment, was coined in 1913 by Pual Ehrilich, the father of modern chemotherapy. He defined chemotherapy as the use of chemicals to injure or destroy infections micro-organisms without causing any injury to the host. According the Ehrlich, chemotherapeutic agents are chemical substances which have selective toxicity, being harmful as much as possible to the invading or infections organisms but harmless to the host. Chemotherapy has developed into a vast subject today and efforts are being continuously made to search new drugs as to free human beings from various types of diseases. Chemicals used in chemotherapy are usually classified according to their action.

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