from eathanol and trifluro eathanol, which one is more acidic?

from eathanol and trifluro eathanol, which one is more acidic?


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whenever u have to check the acidity of two compounds the just remove the hyrogen from it and make a negetively charged ion or conjugate base.

now check the stability of conjugate base : more stable cojugate base shows more acidity of original compound.

conjugate bases have negetive charge over them, as you know fluorine attract the bond electron towards itself because of high electronegetivity. thats why presence of fluorine reduce the amount of negetive charge over the oxygen. since the less charged molecule is more stable, the conjugate base of trifluoroethanol become more stable than the conjugate base of ethanol.

hence the ethanol is less acidic than trifluoro ethanol.

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