Justification of separate study of organic compounds

Justification of separate study of organic compounds


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Sachin Tyagi
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14 years ago

Organic compounds are studied separately because of the following two points:

i) Large number of organic compounds: - compared with the compounds of other elements, the number of organic compounds is very large. Organic compounds comprise about 90% of all the known compounds. More than five million organic compounds are already known and every year about 30000 new compounds are added to the existing list. If the study of such large number of compounds is also included in inorganic chemistry, it will throw the subject out of balance.

ii) Unique chemical and physical properties:- There are marked differences between composition, structure and properties of organic and inorganic compounds. Most of the reactions in inorganic chemistry are ionic and occur rapidly while most of the organic reactions involved covalent bonds and are relatively show. The phenomenon of isomerism and tendency of catenation are unique properties of organic compounds.

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