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Pratik Sharma Grade: 12

While numbering the longest carbon chain, in case of carboxylic functional group In some compounds i observed that the counting includes the carbon of CO2H while in other the counting starts from the next carbon.For example in,

5-oxohexanoic acid - carbon atom of carboxylic group is included. And in Pentane -1,3,5- tricarboxylic acid, carbon atoms of carboxylic groups are not included.Justify.



8 years ago

Answers : (1)

Shubham Singh
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Pratik,when there are more than one  COOH groups present in a compound and if it  is not possible to include all those COOH gps in single branch, the n in this cade only we don't include any of those COOH gp rather we write full word CARBOXYLIC ACID in its place.

 Eg. in  Pentane -1,3,5- tricarboxylic acid we cannot give number to all COOH group in a sequence. That's why we use word "carboxylic acid" in such cases.

Hope that helped you.......

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6 years ago
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