hydroboration oxidation

hydroboration oxidation


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10 years ago

Hydroboration-Oxidation:- is a two step pathway used to produce alcohols?.

Abhinav Bahiya
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10 years ago

BH(subscript)3 used as a reagent... pehle sare BORON se bond bna kar rakhte hain fir tut jate hain...

ashish badoni
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10 years ago

this reaction converts an alkene into an alcohol,by means of B2H6.

this reaction is a bit complicated but u need few tricks to learn it.

1.remember that BH2 of B2H6 always attaches itself to the carbon having low no. of hydrogen atom(anti markownikov rule).

2.after the reaction with B2H6 reduce the no. of hydrogen in BH2 to untill it is completely removed.

ex-alkyl part-BH2(reaction with alkene)----->alky part-BH(reaction with alkene)----->alky part-B.

3.when H is completely removed from B make it react with H2O2+H2O(Hydrolysis) in order to yield an alcohol.

thats it:-}

G Ashwin -
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10 years ago

In organic chemistry, the hydroboration–oxidation reaction is a two-step organic chemical reaction that converts an alkene into a neutral alcohol by the net addition of water across the double bond. The hydrogen and hydroxyl group are added in a synaddition leading to cis stereochemistry. Hydroboration–oxidation is an anti Markovnikov reaction, with the hydroxyl group attaching to the less-substituted carbon. The reaction was first reported by Herbert Brown in the late 1950s.

The general form of the reaction is as follows:

Hydroboration-oxidation reaction.png

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